Saturday, April 26, 2008

Glitz Fun!

We had a packed house and a great day & evening at the store yesterday. The Glitz Girls were wonderful and their classes were awesome! Thank you ladies!

With NSD coming right along, we will be finishing up the last touches of our plans. We cannot wait for not only our croppers, but our shoppers too. I'll be sending out an email on Monday, reminding you of all the fun that'll be going on at the Junkie. NSD is a great day for a scrapbooker, isn't it?

My Dan is home. It was great to wrap my arms around her and to know that we were all safely joined back together.

Have a Happy Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Incredible Night!

Hey yall! It's been a while. Had so much to catch up at the store and just more and more ideas popping into our heads for NSD. For you gals that didn't get to join us, due to it selling out so quickly, you will have another opportunity to spend a weekend with us soon. Check out the calendar for June and you will see that we will be having our "Scrapbook Junkie Alternative" weekend. It's the same weekend as CKU, but for a much more reasonable fee. And again, we load you down with fun things and food! More details to come right after NSD.
I know many of you want to hear about the Rick Springfield concert. I thought that it would be ok, that it would be a nice evening, but geez, I never expected it to be that good! Yall, first of all, he doesn't look bad or old at all! (or is it that I'm growing in age too?) During the first song, we made our way to the front about 4 people away from the stage. He was rockin'. Just like he did when I saw him years ago. He can surely play that guitar. From the very beginning they teased us with "Jessie's Girl." Did you know that he had 17 top 40 hits. He was big in his day. Now for the good part. After a while, his guitar guy put Rick on a headset microphone, and into the crowd he came. You should have seen the women trying to touch him. It was crazy! I'm gonna leave it at that! Want to know more? Come by the store! Ha! So then he continued to climb into the crowd for a while and when he came back up front, his shirt was torn into shreds in the back. Ha. 40'ish yr. old women acting like teenagers! It was a sight to see!

So here it is...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And again...

What a wonderful weekend it was. At the beach, scrapbooking, laughing & eating! I was able to get so much done. I spent the first night working on my daughters birthday invites. She is a very "picky" girl, and it turned out that she loved them. Shocked me, really. Sydni is turning 13 in just a few days. Geez.. A Sleepover... BUT on the same day though, Dani comes home for her summer break, so yeah!
Sydni was in a play last night at her school. She did a wonderful job with her British accent. Then there was curtain call, and Sydni was the "Shining Star!" She was the last one to come out to take her bow, all by herself, and the crowd even clapped and yelled louder. Yep, tears falling out the side of my eyes while I took a few pictures. I was so proud of her. She yearns for a big part, and she had it! The Lord knows the desires of our hearts. She was just beautiful! Precious one.
I will be heading out of town again to go to Lake Charles. Have more to prepare for NSD. You girls that have signed up are really in for a treat! Also, it's time to see "Rick Springfield!" Ha... Then my party ends for a while. Back to work, regularly. I do look forward to it though. I still love walking into the store even after 3 years. (How many times have I told you that already?) With more new products still coming in, there is excitement in the air. So, have a good day and come back to visit soon!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

As Promised...

Here are the pictures for Sunday's Mini Class, "Party Explosion Box." The class will be taught @ 3:00. It's only a $7.00 class fee. The supplies you will need are: Scissors, adhesive, glue dots, and liquid glue. You must call by Saturday to sign up. We will only be able to take 15 people. This is another great class for both kids and adults. Hope to have you join us!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Yall, the "teens & tweens" class is on Saturday, the 12th! I had orignally said the 13th. Scratch that! Melissa will be teaching it from 10:00 - 12:30. The pictures are on the post below. So sorry for the date error! The girls will be making an autograph book which is perfect for pictures and your friends memorable messages. Also you will make a cute bank to stash all your summer cash! Only kids 8 and up. Because it is a younger audience, seating is very limited.
The supplies that you will need are:
A paper cutter, adhesive, scissors, black pen and a ruler.

I've been packing away, getting ready to "Retreat to the Beach" again. My clothes are not packed but my "Junk" is! I also have my mom and 2 aunts coming. Should I say this on my blog? (depends) Ha... the "old ladies" are a trip! A great nickname for them. Then I'll be home for a couple of days and then you'll never guess who a friend & I are going to see?? This will show if you are about the same age as us. "Rick Springfield!" Ha...He will be at Delta Downs in Vinton, La., if anyone wants to come! Isn't that funny.. I'll try and get a picture or two!

I have another picture of a mini class to show you tomorrow night, coming on Sunday... Precious.
Have a happy rest of the week..

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I tell you, I had a feeling that our National Scrapbook Day would sell out, but in 1 day and 2 hours! Geez. And then, this weekend is our weekend crop and it only has like 2 spots left. You all must be in the scrapbooking mood. I am too! I spent the "entire" day, about 10 hours organizing pictures and matching paper. I hadn't really brought anything home from the store since Teresa's stuff came in, but when Heidi Grace, Fancy Pants & Scenic Route came in, I kinda lost control. I'm gonna get to use it too! After I get to play on a few pages, we will then get busy just cutting and getting all of our NSD ready. You gals coming will be in for a treat!

I wanted to remind you about the "Jewelry" that will be displayed at the store this Sunday from 1-4. Remember, all the proceeds goes to missions in India. I've bought a few already! ooch!

Also, Melissa will be our new "Teens & Tweens" teacher. She has a few classes coming up for your girls ages 8 & up. The first one coming is on April 13th, from 10:00-12:30. Check it out. The girls will be making a Bank & an Autograph-Photo album.