Monday, December 29, 2008

What a wonderful Christmas here @ the Calais' house. Danielle was home and my parents shared the holidays with us. One of the most touching moments of our time together was when Sydni gave us the presents she had for us. She wrote poems for each of us. I opened my gift first and read it outloud, with a little break in my voice. (All I knew was that I better read it quick or else... I would lose it.) Then Mike had his turn. It began to get tougher. Dan read hers having to stop after each sentence due to tears. By now, we are all wiping our eyes, even my dad. Gavin was beginning to cry heavily. It was his turn now to read his. He began to sob. We were actually all crying now. To hear my daddy say that he was so glad to have shared that moment with us was priceless. It was a Christmas that will always be so special in my heart.
We are packing up to head to Lake Tahoe in a couple of days and I'll have to see Danielle off again. That's always the hardest part of my visits there, or her visits here. To leave. But God always picks up my heart after the separation and reminds me that all will be ok.
My UPS guy should have my new Canon to me on Wednesday! Just in time for the trip. (I may have to give him a little peck on the cheek when I see him!) I won't have a clue what buttons to press on the camera, but I'll have it!
There are 12 of us family members going together. Yep, and my XXL will come! I have some kits planned, just gotta match up some embelly's to my paper and pictures. As always, I have so much to do! Have a great week my fellow Junkies!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Store Stuff:
Christmas Eve 10-2
Christmas Day - Closed
Day after Christmas 8-6
New Year's Eve 10-2
New Years Day - Closed

Day After Christmas Sale
25% off entire store!
40% tables (full of goodies)
& 50% clearance rack...
(sorry, but no stamps, this is WAY better!)

Had to leave you with this most awesome photo. Karen Russell would be sooo proud... not of me though, but of my 13 year old for shooting this and editing it. Danielle turned 23! I am not even counting the days for her return to LA.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

and Then...

I just couldn't believe it today when I saw the space shuttle piggy backing over us! How awesome! It was perfect timing too... Kelli drove up at the store and I jumped in my car and went over to the Subway in our parking lot and got a real good picture. Snow & shuttle in less than 24 hours! My heart was rushing cause I was so excited!

Thanks Karen for texting me about it, and thanks Lisa for calling me to tell me to look outside! I loved it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can you believe?

4 years ago we missed the snow here, and we were so bummed. Tonight was perfect to have snow because we were having our employee appreciation gumbo @ the house and the kids were able to play outside in the snow! It was just beautiful. I have a cute little picture to post so that you can see our snowman. She has quiet a few "feathers." But sure cute...

Are your kids hoping for no school? Mine are!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I've been at my mom & dad's for the last couple of days and have been working on Christmas gifts. It's so much fun to be here, relaxing, playing with paper & scissors. The first night that I was here, we spent on the floor, gazing at all our stuff, never even making it to our scrapbook tables. The second day, I began making a little progress, and now, I'm very satisfied with what I've gotten accomplished. Not quiet ready to go home. Not sure if it will be today or tomorrow. Everything seems to be covered on the Texas side.
Yesterday when I talked to Danielle, she told me that she was counting down the days. Not as much for us, but for the traditional seafood gumbo that we have at my father-in-laws for Christmas. Ummm... The holidays are coming so fast. Geez.
How are you doing on getting your gifts made? You are scrappers, so you gotta have at least 1 gift that you are making for someone.
Have you been keeping your eye on the website? The blogs that our SJ Designers have are so much fun. They are very talented ladies. For their first challenge they were all given different kits but each one had a few items that were the same. We wanted to see the creativity that they had for these items that may not have gone with the rest of their kits. For instance, they each recieved the Teresa Collins punch out journaling spot things, the Scenic Route punch out arrows, a 4x6 page protector, huge photo corners and acrylic items. You gotta see what each one came up with. All totally different. One lady used the photo corners and made a Christmas tree! We are so blessed to have them join our team!
If you don't get our emails, I want you to know that the table sale is still going! Things are now marked down to 40% on them and still other 40% specials throughout the store. Also, when you purchase a gift card for at least 30 bucks, you will recieve a free gift. It's pretty cool gift too. It's only 1 gift per gift card. Anyways, we hope to see you soon...