Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Countdowns are on!

It's getting close... Friday is almost here! The Junkie's are getting excited for Teresa to get to our store. The anticipation... she has great things planned for us! If any of you other Junkie's want to come and meet her and snap a picture with her the best time would be before the Friday night class. The class begins at 7:00 p.m. so I would say probably between 5:30 and 6:45. Saturday morning is the next class and afterwards she will be whisked away to the airport. It's gonna be so cool!

I have been a little exhausted with my Junkie Bees out sick. But God is good and I've been able to handle it. Must be supernatural strength is all I can say. A friend of mine emailed me a couple of scriptures and WOW, they were perfect for that exact moment.

Not only do I get to go to CHA in a week (California), but I get to see my Dan. We are on the countdown for that too. I will get 2 days with her before the show starts. It's crazy that she goes to school in LA and CHA is like 45 minutes from where she is. Who would have ever guessed it would all turn out that way?

We have so much coming up, so make sure that you check out the calendar on the website.

Anyways,have a great Thursday!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Supplies for Teresa's Classes

Bring to class: *or purchase at store

Glossy Accents (Ranger Industries)
Archival Ink: jet black (Ranger Industries)
Corner Rounder
Red marker or Red coloring pencil
RULER - please bring!!!
Sandpaper to distress paper/photos (if desired)
ATG runner (if you have one!!)
Black and Red pen for journaling
*bind-it-all (optional)

Photos used:

Page 1: One: Vertical 4x6 and One:Vertical 5x7
Page 2: One: 4x4 photo One: Wallet sized Vertical
Page 3: One: 4x6 Horizontal
Page 4: Four Wallet Vertical
Page 5: One: 5x7 Vertical
Page 6: One: 5x7 Vertical
Page 8: One: 5x7 Vertical, One: 4x6 vertical (both will be cropped smaller)
Page 9: One: 4x6 Vertical

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Can I do it?

Will this work? After 2 hours, I hope so. Just a few pictures from Lance's class.
Maybe next time i can get these all lined up right. A little off balance! ha... And thanks for your sweet patience.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time flys...

I told you that it would take a while to post again since Danielle left. Much less add a picture. I wanted to send a few pictures of us with Lance at our class but don't know how! Anyone want to teach the "Junk Dealer" how? It would take me like a year to try and figure it out myself. It's Saturday and the "worker bee Junkies" are encouraging me to hang out at the house for a while. I'm having my coffee thinking, "what am i doing sitting here? Need to go to the store." Is that overdrive? Settle down Beth. Relax. Take a deep breath. The crop was full this weekend, Teresa's classes are full, and we are just in awe. I wanna be there! Can't wait much longer. We had my mom here for a week and she kept up with our clothes and dinner. My daughter Sydni told her, "Gran, it's so good when you are here because the same day that we put our clothes in the dirties, we get them back that day!" They wait about 4 maybe 5 days with me and they swear that the dryer eats their clothes because they never get them back. Ha! With one 12 years old and the other 10, it's time they learn how to keep their clothes clean, right? Well, Dani just learned since she started college. That's at the age of 22. No, not really. It was a little younger than that. When they have a sock missing do you tell them "well, they must have sprouted legs and walked off?" I think that's a quote that mothers have used from many generations before! Off to another day my friends. Be blessed.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finally, Images for Teresa's Classes!

What will I do next week w/o Danielle here to post pics for me? You may not see any more for like 3 1/2 months, so enjoy!

Teresa Collins is coming to TEXAS- exclusive to The SCRAPBOOK JUNKIE...the weekend of February 1st and 2nd. She is excited to teach at our store. You will NOT want to miss out on all the surprises and fun that she has planned for us!!!

Are you in the mood for love??? The ADORE project is a beautiful 8x8 book, that is filled with unique embellishments, heart blings, exclusive 'new' products, and much more. In true Teresa style, the project is interactive... Teresa will show you how to experiment with glitter in a 'new way', add Hambly clear pages in the book design, add cool and innovative ways to journal and use your handwriting, etc. This project has tags and flaps too! The book is overflowing with LOVE... and lots of eye candy... at the end of the class we will bind your book together with the Bind-it-All. This class will be on Friday night, February 1st, from 6:30pm-9:30pm.

"LOVE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT" is the class that is scheduled for Saturday morning, February 2nd from 10:00am - 1:00pm. See the pictures below to get just a glimpse of this album. Geez! Words cannot describe how cool this one is too.

Sign ups begin on these two classes on Monday, Jan. 14th @ 10:00 a.m. and must be paid for at that time. No one can sign up before then. Each class is $60.00. Like I said in my email, people are already calling from as far as California for the kits! If you cannot make it to the class and want to do the same and buy a kit then that is an option too. Teresa includes photos and instructions with all kits. Sorry, but NO refunds will be given if you need to cancel. Only store credit will be issued if you call at least 48 hours in advance.
I cannot wait! Bring your camera!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I am in AWE. We have had a bit of an electricity problem at the store this weekend, but it surely didn't stop the "Junkie's" at all. Yall amaze me. Shopping in the dark. Geez! Everything should be back to normal on Monday. Thank God.
Mike and I flew out to Tallahassee on Friday to a dear friends funeral. It was surely tough for all of those who loved her. Again though, God is good. Gena touched the hearts of so many people.
I went back to the store today to see what had been happening and we had recieved a few new products. The Valentine things that are coming in are gorgeous. It's my favorite holiday. (May have to do something with my birthday starting the month off?) "The Love Month!" Teresa Collins will also start that month off right! Her examples are at the store now. Yall gotta come see! Unbelievable! I'll send out the sign up dates real soon for hers.
Don't forget, Lance from Rusty Pickle will be here real soon. It's Jan. 15th & 16th. Three classes that rock! These kinds of designers don't just come around everyday and so many people have told me that his classes are so much fun! We also recieved some of his chipboard books and lots of his t-shirts. It would be cool for him to come and have many of us to be wearing them.
Danielle will be leaving in a week to go back to Los Angeles, so those of you who know me well, will see plenty of tears this week. I will just have to remember that I will get a night or two with her when I go to the CHA show in Feb. I've been loving on her. She is just my favorite 22 year old...